Hello! My name is Shalini. I came from Canada to get my bariatric surgery done. I was very obese and felt very lazy. After I got the surgery done, I feel very energetic and happy.

Hello my name is Amarjeet. I came from London to get my bariatric surgery done from Dr. Amit Bhambri. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who is suffering from obesity.

Hi, I am Divanshu. I came to India from Australia to get my Bariatric Surgery done. I was obese and was living a life of obstacles. I was asthmatic and obesity wasn’t making my life any easy.

Hello! My name is Gurjeet Kaur. I am from Canada. I was very obese and was living a problematic life. I had live cirrhosis, diabetes and knee pain. I then met Dr Amit and decided to go for..

I am Harbans Kaur. I was 102 kgs and I lost 6 kgs in 10 days. I started walking within few hours post surgery and now, I feel really good about myself. I am all happy and healthy.

Hi. I am Lata. I was having various problems like Sleep Apnea, Diabetes and Knee Pain. I was obese and this was the main reason for my problems. I met Dr. Amit Bhambri and i decided to get my bariatric..

Hello! My name is Sapna Verma. I am from Australia. I got my Sleeve Gastrectomy done during Covid from Dr Amit Bhambri. I had PCOS which was causing weight gain.

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